Well due to the fact that I am sick of people that order stuff from my webpage or from ebay and then decide to not pay and not return emails any more. So I am now going to let it be known who the deadbeats are. I also want to say if you do pay you will be taken off the list, this is just to let you know you should contact me and pay

5-26-04 Please do not email anyone on this list for me to harass them. Yes I do want them to pay and I have this list up to encourage them but it isn't right for anyone else to send them any mean emails. If you are thier friends and see this feel free to let them know because maybe there was just a misunderstanding that can be cleared up (which in one case was).

...Email addresses and screen names are not considered personal information and distribution of said information is legal except in cases where it is being distributed for cases of illegal action. Said actions including but not limited to; Spam based email, adult advertisements and email harassment as out lined in US code title 18 section 1030: Computer Fraud & Abuse Act of 1986...

...In the case of defamation, individual states specifically prohibit public defamation. Defamation consists of false and unprivileged publication which results in economic damages. Financial loss is not necessary where the statement implies that a person is a criminal or has an unpleasant disease, or which injures a person in respect to his other office, profession, or business. However an individual is only liable for defamation if the information being distributed about said individual or individuals is proved to be false.

...There is no wrongdoing in cases where the individual or individuals have been proven to and/or have admitted to; have perpetrated the offense in question."

davidcarnell@comcast.net - Won an auction on Ebay then never paid and stopped responding to emails.

11-10-4 BEWARE OF EBAY User ID: annette39purple Name: annette gately Email: moon_fighter2004@hotmail.com She buys items waits three months then puts claims in with paypal to get her money back even though she got the item.

moon_fighter2004@hotmail.com got paypal to reverse her payment, NEVER let her use paypal if she buys anything from you.



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